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Home Owners
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Window Screen Tape comes in the standard silver screen color and charcoal black for solar screens.

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Rad's Window Screen Tape!

Rad's Window Screen Tape is a new product that immediately repairs holes and tears in window screens that keep bugs out while allowing ventilation in.

  • Window Screen Tape is a roll of tape that is 2" inches wide by 15' feet long with an adhesive backing that sticks to any window screen surface from either side.

  • Window Screen Tape can be used in any desired length and can cover any size hole quickly and efficiently to keep the home owner from the hassle and expense of replacing the entire screen due to damage that has occurred.

Rad's Window Screen Tape
works exactly like a roll of tape and the application is as simple as selecting the desired length off the roll and applying to the screen. This product can be used by anyone in any situation, it is safe, effective and easy to use.
Keep those bugs out! Use Rads Window Scren tape!




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